A Glasgow Catholic Worker Prayer

Melrose Abbey Scoland

“To pray is to resist the despair by which the powers rule in our hearts and our world” - Ched Myers

Today we gather as a scattered community to pray.
We ask you Lord to guide our hearts and hands
towards the works of mercy
which we as Catholic Workers are called to do.

We thank you Lord for being a friend
to the homeless, hungry, thirsty, forgotten and marginalised.
We pray that we too can stand with the poor and the destitute
with the same humble love and compassion.

Today we ask you Lord
to grant peace and forgiveness to us and to our enemies ,
our Communities and to the places we call home.
Protect our fragile world torn apart by violence,
poverty and environmental destruction.

Give us strength Lord
to be witnesses for peace against the faceless organised war machine.
Give us strength Lord
to stand up to the world that puts money before people
Give us strength Lord
To be the voice of the voiceless

Like our sister Dorothy Day we have chosen to live simply
to follow your path of peace and active non-violence.
Grow our community in prayer that each of us at a personal sacrifice
May better serve our brothers and sisters.

(At this time we ask that You help us, Lord with………………..………………………………)   Can be added if we have specific needs

We ask this in the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ   Amen