Nuclear Weapons - An invitation to the Holy Father

[The Holy Father did not in the end attend COP26]

Holy Father,

Your loving concern for the welfare of all God's children is known throughout the world and acknowledged by everybody. In Laudato Si you articulated this with thoughtful, precise and inspiring words. Now you are coming to Cop 26 in Glasgow to join with the representatives of many countries, to give witness to your concern for the fate of humanity and of the planet

You come to the land sanctified by the labours of countless luminaries suich as Columba, Ninian, Aiden, Margaret, and a host of others. Indeed our land was one famed as “specialis filia ecclesiae Romanae” - the special daughter of the Roman Church. 

Surely, is not mere coincidence, but rather it is divine synchronicity that you have come to the city of St Mungo 40 miles from the nuclear bases of Coulport and Faslane, because your detestation of weapons of mass destruction is as visceral and total as your concern for the environment is life enhancing all embracing. 

You have already condemned the possession of nuclear weapons and thereby demolished any attempt to legitimize the policy of deterrence which has dominated political life for many decades now.

Apart from visiting Glasgow during Cop 26 I implore you to come to Faslane also, as a fellow pilgrim of peace and as a loving shepherd, give public support to all those who for so long have shared your detestation of nuclear weapons. 

I ask you to tell the world that this matter has “status confessionis”; that is, it is not an optional extra but an ineluctable consequence of fidelity to Christ that Christians must unconditionally reject nuclear weapons. 

,We cannot offer human sacrifice to Caesar and at the same time claim to be Christians and followers of the Prince of Peace.

We beg your blessing on our work.

In loving fidelity,

Brian Quail.